It’s All About Quality Leather

Leather Technologies, Inc. is a leading service and technology solutions company that provides chemicals to meet your needs. Our products and services are known around the world.

Leather Technologies, Inc. would be privileged to demonstrate the usage of our chemicals enabling your company to produce a fine, high quality leather dry cleaning. Please consider the following highlights giving a simple overview:

 • Wet cleaning and dry cleaning chemicals to make the garments extremely clean
    and soft, with brilliant color and natural feel, no shrinking.
 • Environmentally friendly finishes
 • Upgrade damaged garments to look as good as new
 • Easy system to spray to perfect discolorations, ink spots, wear marks, etc.
 • Finishing system designed to process garments, handbags, and furniture
 • Ability to safely process multiple color garments
 • Competitive pricing
 • No odors left in the garments
 • Water repellant
 • Low waste disposal
 • Faster drying times
 • No bleeding of dyes or pigments if used correctly
 • Finishes can be used in all colors without problems
 • Finishes can be applied to vinyl
 • Easy to clean the spray guns, bottles, and hands with water only
 • Metallic colors are available in gold, antique gold, silver, copper and pearl
 • Suede’s and soft feels are available to produce good handle and feel
 • Dyes and pigments are available, and are all water based
 • Finishing system is able to spray bright glossy, medium glossy, and dull finishes

Our chemical system is designed for all types of leather including lamb, goat, cowhide, pig suedes, buffalo, deer, naked leather, classic leather, and exotic leather. We can provide all shades for colored leathers, such as bright reds, yellows, greens, all shades of black, brown, burgundy, purple, blue and white.

Our highly qualified technical staff will assist you in any problems and will walk you through the process of our finishing system. You can also send us your difficult garments to be processed in our state of the art laboratory.

Thank you for taking the time to read the information on our company and on our products. Feel free to give us a call at 262-567-9627 to request that samples be sent to you.