TOP 123

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Water base emulsion compound mixture of waxes, oils, polymers, and polyurethane.

Top 123 is a medium soft, natural feel topcoat formulated to produce good coverage and prevent bleeding of the dyes. Top 123 produces a very fine film over the leather which makes it very brilliant, transparent, and flexible. It reduces the thermo plasticity, which improves the dry and wet rub fastness without hardening the garment. Top 123 leaves a natural and silky feel with good heat resistance and also helps make the leather waterproof.

     Appearance: Fluid Milky Emulsion
     Active Substances: 46%
     Density: 1.28 +/- 0.5

Examples of Use
     Top 123: 100%

Top 123 can also be mixed with our CP Pigment or DS Dyestuff for color tinting.