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SUEDE NEUTRAL is a mixture of waxes, paraffin and synthetic oils.  It is designed to be used on all suede garments, to import softness, rich, even and full handle, beautiful feel to the garment. SUEDE NEUTRAL has high penetration capacity, going deep inside the leather fiber without attaching itself to the lining of the garment, giving clean, beautiful and velvety suede.

SUEDE NEUTRAL IS specially designed for all kinds of suede, Nubuck, and oily leather and skin garments. It gives a very natural hand. It will replace the natural oil lost during the normal cleaning process. It gives the suede color depth and incredible feel.

     Appearance: Fluid Hazy Liquid
     Active Substances: 61%
6.0 +/- 0.5

Examples of Use
     Suede Neutral: 100%

Spray the garment or the leather 1 time and dry well, then dry mill the garment in low temperatures to enhance the suede velvety look.