Bio-Degradable Surfactant

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Silicone D57 is a 100% concentrated, non-hazardous, biodegradable surfactant used for the silicone dry-cleaning systems. It is designed to be used on all types of leather and textile garments that require bright and radiant colors such as white, blue, red, green, ALL colors.

Silicone D57 produces a clean and excellent feeling garment. It works on the surface of all types of leather such as lamb skins, pig suede, naked, nubuck, cowhides, goatskins and shearlings without bleaching the color or drying out the fiber. Silicone D57 also works excellent on all textiles. Silicone D57 works on the surface of the garment without bleaching or jeopardizing the original color or feel of the garment. Silicone D57 is an excellent product to be used in removing difficult organic and no-organic spots such as soil, ketchup, oily spots, protein stains (such as blood and dairy), and also some ink spots.

     Appearance: Hazy Liquid
     Active Substances: 100%
     pH: 6.0+/-0.5


Examples of Use
Silicone D57 is designed to be injected into the machine. Usage will vary from one dry cleaner to another so please check with our technician for the best percentage of use. Generally 16 oz. (1 lb.) of Silicone D57 will be used for every 50 lbs. of garments. Usage will vary depending on the size or your base tank so please contact our technician for best percentages for you. Silicone D57 can be added straight into the door or injected using a pump system

For storage keep away from freezing