Removes difficult organic and non-organic spots such as wine, soil, lipstick, make-up stains, oil spots, proteins such as blood and dairy.

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PROTEIN, WINE & BLOOD REMOVER is a concentrated, garment friendly, biodegradable pre-spotter used before the wet and dry-cleaning process. It is designed to be used on all textile garments that require bright and radiant colors of all kind.

General Instructions
Apply directly on the spot(s) that need to be removed. Brush LIGHTLY and flush area with water after application. Allow remover to dry before proceeding with dry-cleaning. Garments that are going to be we-cleaned can go directly into wet-cleaning system after remover is applied.

No Bleaching or Dried out Leather & Suede
Natural Cleaning Power of Oxygen
Removes Difficult Stains
Environmentally and Garment Friendly
Dye Free

Cleaning Rules
Intended for Wet & Dry cleanable garments.
When applying to silk, test small unseen area for lift or color change before use.
Do not mix with chlorine bleach or any toxic chemical.