For use on all Textiles Including Wedding Gowns Before Wet and Dry Cleaning

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PRE-SPOTTER 3000 is a biodegradable pre-spotter designed for use on all textile garments including wedding gowns before wet and dry-cleaning.  Pre-Spotter 3000 is a special product containing very active organic and non-organic agents, which clean and remove heavy dirt from the garment.

General Instructions
DILUTE WITH WATER 1:4 PRIOR to spraying or lightly brushing directly on the spot that needs special attention.  After applying Pre-Spotter 3000 to dry cleaning garments, let garment air dry then proceed with dry cleaning.  Wet cleaning garments can go directly into washer after applying Pre-Spotter 3000.

Attacks Heavy Stains
Color Safe
Environmentally Safe
Dye Free

Cleaning Rules
For textile use only
LIGHTLY brush directly on spot that needs attention
Do not mix with chlorine bleach or toxic chemicals

For storage keep away from freezing.

Shake well before use.