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NUTREX DC is an extremely pure, concentrated synthetic fat liquor emulsions that is very stable in the presence of electrolytes. This product fills the fabric of the leather considerably, giving a soft and full handle with all the characteristics of natural leather. NUTREX DC has high penetration capacity, going deep inside the leather fiber without attaching itself to the lining of the garment, giving clean grain and clean lining. It also increases tensile strength of the leather and prevents shrinkage. NUTREX DC is a compound mixture of synthetic oil, very soft synthetic esthers and lanolin oil. It is a long chain phosphate triglyceride.

NUTREX DC is designed specially for all kinds of suede and leather garments that are processed using the dry cleaning method. It will replace the natural oils lost during normal dry cleaning by penetrating inside the fiber which makes the leather or the suede extremely soft with good handle. NUTREX DC gives the suede color more depth. NUTREX DC is a high performance oil that will not cause any harm to the lining as in stains or discoloration.  It introduces good feel and nap to the suede.

     Appearance: Light Tan Liquid
     Active Substances: 55%
     pH: 6.0+/-0.5

Examples of Use
Depending on weight of the garment as well as type of pump used to inject inside the dry cleaning machine. Please contact our technician for the correct chart for you.

For storage keep away from freezing