Heavy Duty Powder Laundry Detergent for Waterwash

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LOW SUDS 100 WC is Super concentrated without Phosphate Laundry Detergent. Chemically balanced to ensure a superior wash on textiles, permanent press and other fine fabrics. Low Suds 100 uses the natural cleaning power of oxygen to fully clean the garments.

LOW SUDS 100 WC will not corrode the cast parts of your machine. It rinses out of the machine leaving no harmful residue or scum. Itís environmentally safe and color safe. It uses no perfumes, dyes, chlorine bleaches and phosphates like so many other detergents. The active ingredients are BIODEGRADABLE, leaving no foam to accumulate in our natural water resources.

General Instructions
Presort clothing by similar colors
30 Lb. Washer-3 oz. (Add more for heavily soiled loads)
50 Lb. Washer-5 oz. (Add more for heavily soiled loads)

Natural Cleaning Power of Oxygen
Brightens Whites and Colors
Environmentally Safe
Chlorine Free
Dye Free

Cleaning Rules
Do not apply to silk, leather or wool
Use only on machine-washable items
Follow washing instructions for recommended washing temperature
Low Suds 100 cannot be combined with chlorine bleach or toxic chemicals