The Perfect Heavy Duty Liquid Dry-Cleaning Detergent For Textiles

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KBTAND-57DC is a concentrated, environmentally safe, biodegradable liquid detergent used in the dry-cleaning process.  It is designed to be used on all textile garments, including wedding gowns that require bright and radiant colors of all kind.

KBTAND-57DC is intended to be used in removing difficult organic and non-organic spots such as soil, wine, lipstick and make-up stains, oily spots, protein stains such as blood and dairy, and also some ink spots.

General Instructions
8 oz. of KBTAND-57DC will be used for every 50 Lbs. of raw material (textile).  It can be added straight into the door or injected using a pump system.  KBTAN-57DC is designed to be mixed with perc, solvents, mineral spirits, green earth etc. Any questions can be addressed by contacting one of our technicians.

Natural Cleaning Power of Oxygen
Brightens Whites and Colors
Environmentally Safe
Chlorine Free
Dye Free

Cleaning Rules
Intended for garments that need to be Dry Cleaned Only
Presort garments by similar color

For storage keep away from freezing.