KB TAN 5000 (For Leather)

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KB TAN 5000 is a compound product containing biodegradable surfactant, oil, and pre-spotters designed for use in wet-cleaning on all types of garments, including lambskin, pig suede, naked, nubuck, cowhide, goatskins…all different types of leather. It works on the surface of the garment without bleaching the colors or drying the feel of the garment. It works to remove difficult organic and non-organic spots, such as soils, oily spots, some ink spots, etc., and level out discoloration in the garment as well as helping to avoid shrinkage.

     Appearance: Fluid Light Amber Liquid
     Active Substances: 85%
6.0 +/- 0.5
1.28 +/- 0.5

Examples of Use
Use depends on the weight of the garment as well as type of pump used to inject inside the washing machine. Please contact our technician for the correct usage for you.