Heavy Duty Ink Remover: Removes most inks, nail polish, glue, paint, lacquer, past, shoe polish, gum, toner, adhesives, and fabric chalk

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General Instructions
Place item to be treated on a towel on a spotting board so towel can absorb excess ink. DRY CLEANING: Apply Excel Ink Remover to stain and rub with finger or tap lightly with spotting brush. Do not rub with brush. Flush lightly with air not steam and vacuum. Repeat treatment if necessary. Do not allow to dry. Place in machine or cleaning solution immediately. If garment fabric is the type that is washable, treat stain as directed above, but flush with water and then place in washing machine.

Contains isopropyl acetate. Will damage or dissolve acetate material. Safe on color safe natural and synthetic fabrics EXCEPT ACETATE. Pretest all silk and rayon in unseen areas for color lift or change. Do not steam to flush. The use of steam may cause color loss. Rinse treated area with water before placing item in wash load.

For storage keep from freezing.