Refresh 'n' New Laundry Additive for Wet-Cleaning

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“The Laundry Additive that Freshens and Renews”
Simply add EXCEL 300 WC REFRESH’n’NEW to the rinse cycle of the wash and the odors are quickly and completely eliminated, replaced by a light, pleasant, fresh fragrance.

EXCEL 300 WC REFRESH’n’NEW laundry additive was especially developed to eliminate odors from all types of washable materials.

If you can wash it, EXCEL 300 WC REFRESH’n’NEW can remove the odor and freshen it with a light, airy scent in one easy step.  Odors such as mildew, garlic, sour milk and vomit are easily eliminated with the power of Excel 300 WC added to the wash or rinse cycle.

No pre-wash cycle, no scrubbing required just wash as usual, add EXCEL 300 WC REFRESH’n’NEW , and you have clean, FRESH, odor free results.  Colored or whites, naturals, synthetics or blends, EXCEL 300 WC REFRESH’n’NEW is the answer.  Strong and effective yet gentle and safe on all fabrics,   EXCEL 300 WC REFRESH’n’NEW is also surprisingly economical and should become a regular part of every wash cycle.

EXCEL 300 WC REFRESH’n’NEW can be added to the regular wash cycle to eliminate odors such as smoke, garlic, spilled food and beverages, and mildew from:

Clothing/Textiles             Linen
Bedding                         Draperies
Throw Rugs                    Slip Covers
Curtains                         Towels

Method of Use
3 oz. of EXCEL 300 WC REFRESH’n’NEW is added to a standard 33-40 Lbs of odor and smoke contaminated garments. Washing the load will handle most odor removal requirements, however in very extreme cases a second washing and treatment may be necessary. EXCEL 300 WC REFRESH’n’NEW is an easy to use, safe and reliable product.